Analysis: Open Mind Open Heart

Human Beings have always interested me. When I was an adolescent I loved them. They way they laughed and spoke of things that were foriegn to me. My naivety drew me close to them un aware of the harm that some may have been able to do to me. As I grew into a teen and learned of the evils of this world I realized human beings sucked. They made you feel like shit because they felt like shit. Human beings of this world were so lost to me. Now as a young adult the baby’s eye view I had of human beings is returning. I am beginning to like them again. The way they smile when I make them laugh. They way their eye brows furrow and pupils widen when I blurt out something unconventional. Human beings can be the most disgusting, vile, and annoying creatures on this planet. Just awful. But there are those moments of happiness they lay upon you when they tell you they are proud of you, when they tell you they love, a hug so close that you can smell the sweat that the cologne is desperatley trying to cover up. Those moments though few and far between can sometimes cover up the uglier moment.

Uniquley made. Uniquely bred.


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