Anarchy Event: Jersey in the House Watch Ya Mouth

Being from Jersey and going to school in Philly always has me feeling like I am missing something when I see pics of all the hype events held in NYC. Every week these  events in NYC make me want to pull out the little hair I have. These events are full of the underground hustlers, fashion addicts, and hip hop boogie monsters. But it is truly a special thing when events such as these occur in my home state N to the J and no we are not on some Jersey Shore shit..NO! These kids are part of generations movers and shakers pushing their way from the Jersey factories into our ears and hearts.   Last weekend my friend Joseph O. (of attended an event in Newark New Jersey held by JERSEY CLAN. The little, cold, FREE beer infused, snowy venue had mosh pits, thrift store chic bitches/nukkas, and new age hip hop performances. The highlight of the night was the mix of hipsters and rockers joining together in a slippery mosh-pit full of slips and spills. They were literally slipping on someone’s up-chucks (throw up) from earlier that night. Probably the hardest I’ve laughed thus far this year. As I left the event I realized being from New Jersey is about to mean something more than just spray tans and fat bitches names Snookie. Btw I also got to finally meet my online friend Fatima Farmer who is an up and coming stylist (Check her out at

Enjoy the pictures and always remember to LOVE YOUR FATE!!

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