Kelly McCabe- Fashion Editor/Stylist

A serious eye for fashion is how I would describe Kelly McCabe’s style for styling. The ease of creating outfits that are not overwhelming or unacheivable by the person viewing the oufit is key in relating to the masses.

I had the pleasure of working with Kelly at Complex Magazine and seeing a woman who knows exactly how she wants her vision to be conveyed is very inspiring.

A personable Cali girl with fearless NYC swag is how I would describe Kelly McCabe as a human being. She is true Amore Fati. Take  a look at some of my favorite works by her.



 This shoot is dark and rugged. Completely cohesive with Cudi’s tude at the time. Black leather jacket equals BAD-ASS

This shoot is much fresher with a more youthful look. Layering with the sneakers on point. Graphics take it to another muthafuckin level.

This is how Theophilus London usually dresses but what I love most is that Kelly refined his look. Extremely classic with touches of color to emphasis his West Indian roots.


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