Three Things Chris Brown Should Not Have Done…

Before Releasing F.A.M.E.

Chris Brown. Oh How You Are So Troubled. 

How Wrong You Have Gone. I Just Want To Hug You. But I’m Afriad Ya Might Gimme 4 to 5 (His Backhand Meeting My Face..get it? 4 to 5…fingers?…shwelp I thought it was funny)




1. First and foremost to be fair, there is nothing wrong with feeling creative on the inside and wanting your outside appearance to reflect that. But there is something questionable about it when you do it a few weeks before your album is to debut. Veeeery questionable I must say. There is this sense of Cali-boy poser type of feeling im getting from his new look.

To be fair I saw Chris Brown in person and his hair makes him more intriguing  than before. But the motives behind the hair dye like I stated are veeeryy questionable. {Side Eye}

2. Chris Brown should NOT have gone ape shit on the people backstage while doing a live taping of Good Morning America. Yes that women host person, should NOT have gone against the PRE-ARRANGED topic list both ABC network and Chris Brown’s people signed off on, the Rihanna situation was brought up and it was NOT meant to be brought up. (celebs and shows make a list of topics to speak of before appearing on the show, like a mini-contract).

I do give Brown credit for how he handled the situation on air, #Teamchris for that one. BUUUTTTTTTT then things took a turn for the worse after his heavily auto-tuned performance. I did not even know you could perform auto-tune live without the studio equipment lol. How Chris acted basically showed us that he has NOT learned how to manage his temper. All that trash picking and God-searching CLEARLY did not have a profound effect on you, love. The best part were the pics of him the paps got of him running shirtless onto the busy streets of NY with his anger-sweat dripping down his throat. Lmao. But really, throwing a chair at a glass window that could have potentially really hurt someone 7 stories below, is not cool bro.

3. Last but certainly not least, especially coming from a young lost star. THE NAKED PIC!!! WHY CHRIS WHY!!! Look what you do in your private time is exactly that, private. You sent this pic to this girl and it got leaked. A few weeks beofre your album was to drop…hmmmmmmm. THATS MAD SUS! (I hate that phrase btw). To think, you trusted this girl you sent your pen15 pics to and look what happen…everybody has seen your MEAT! I can’t even…that whole situation makes my head numb. Enjoy the Pic!

Let us pray for Chris because at the end of the day he is a human being looking for the answers just like the rest of us.

I leave you with the first time Chris came into our lives with that crooked smile and dance moves that made us melt. I remeber watching this video like, who is this and why isn’t he my boyfriend?!


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