Don’t Be Scared of a Little Kitty

When Kanye came out with his Givenchy leopard bomber jacket we were all like..”Ummmm…no”.

But it seems as if the hip hop trendsetter was on to something. Now street wear brands as well as high street brands are getting into the feisty print and offering a lot of options for today’s fashion conscious man (and woman).

Take a look at some finds. And don’t be scared….be daring.


I discovered the Italian American shoe brand Gourmet, while working at the internship and I have been in love ever since. This rain shoe has a functional as well as an aesthetic appeal.

Stussy x F.C.R.B. 30th Anniversary Shirt

This Stussy shirt has a darker leopard print for the man (or woman) who is into the trend but is looking for a more subdued version. What makes this shirt uber dope is that it is a callabo with the Japanese brand F.C.R.B., this shirt celebrates the brands 30th anniversary.


This Supreme trench coat is part of the lines latest threads found on their website. When you first look at this coat your like “Oooooh…a red coat”. Then you open it up and SURPRISE…ppuuurrrrrr…even better! Confidence is key when wearing this piece.







I have to represent for my Topshop/Topman crew and feature these Flinstones BAM BAM-esque shorts. They are an irregular  shaped leopard print which sets you apart from the crowd. I have   seen them on customers and they are the perfect length. Not too Urkel and not too 8th grade hallways circa ’04



-Love the Life You Live


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