So this is a mini view of how I would like to present my true Amore Fati series.

When I first started the concept of this website I basically wanted to follow, interview or photograph people that have taken the initiative to realize their fate and run with it. People who are purely themselves. Original/Unique people are starting to become an extinct species and I am just trynna keep them alive.


Joseph O is tall. His style is DIY meets the streets of Nigeria at night. His personality is reserved at first but the words that come out of his mouth when he warms up to you will forever be embedded in your memory. This Rutgers University student has his eyes set on the industry and is not worried about who is in front of him or behind him because he is walking his own God given path.

I have known Joseph O. since middle school and to see him grow and develop into this young man is nothing short of awesome-sauce. He has interned for Interview Magazine as well as, he has also done photo shoots with hip hop heavy hitters such as Mos Def.

What Jo can be really known for is his blog with nearly 300 followers in just a year, he has opened up something in bloggers that was never there before. His posts and quotes are all raw and realness. Fashion posts fused with eccentric background vocals soothe your soul letting you know you have now entered another dimension.

Great Friend. Pisces. He understands his fate.

Amore Fati BITCH!


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