April 18th at 4:40 pm

Is  the day and time that I was born. Yes that would make me an Aries.

I celebrated the day with my mom and brother by having an early dinner at B.Smiths.

The Thai Chicken Wings were really good but we all decided that the food was just OKAY. It does not live up to its hype.

But the decor and atmosphere was perfect. We were there and it was not crowded so we were able to talk and laugh without shouting

After dinner we went to see Sister Act on Broadway and it was full of true talent! All of the characters were the same with a few new faces who added tons of comic relief. I have to applaud the costume designer for her disco-tastic vision. In the last sequence, whenever the characters would transition into the next powerful ballad they would run out onto the stage in bedazzled habits that screamed HOW YOU DOIN (Do I even have to explain that I am doing the Wendy Williams voice!?). Watching Sister Act on stage brought me back to my childhood when I would watch Whoopi Goldberg’s character,  Delores work her positive attitude all up and down my VHS.

Here is my mom. She has always wanted the best for us. Thanks Juliet.

Here is my brother. He’s going to become a famous chef one day.

Thank You for all the birthday love. I am so blessed and I thank God for another year!


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