When I first met Naiylah Warren…well actually I do not remember the first time I met Naiylah Warren because I was a bit on the tipsy side (Another day, another story). But the first time Naiylah and I actually sat down and spoke with her about Nicki Minaj lyrics and hood-rats, I knew I had found a true and blue friend. #ButDidIKillTheQueenTheAlexanderMcQueen!

When Nai speaks on the black experinece, sex, or education you stop what your doing and listen attentively. Her words form and mold together so fluently that there is no doubting the validity and confidence in the topic of choice.

Being a fourth year Psychology major has given Nai the ability to dive into her third eye and see the world from a point of view that some of us will never be able to reach with a 12 foot stick. She has decided to use her knowledge in an area that seems to be filled with ignorance. It maybe a taboo area for many but sex is how we all got here so we cannot continue to ignore the topic, especially since something so beautiful is killing many of us off. This is where Nai and her blog come in to inform our generation.

Many of us go into relationships blindly completely letting our emotions take over and ignoring everything we learned in our high school health classes. When stories that we can relate to come from the lips of those we can relate to we pay attention. That is Nai’s way of communicating with us on sex and relationship issues. No fluff. No sugar. #JUST STRAIGHTBROOKLYN!

She has a voice. You guys better get ready to listen. Turn off the tv and internet for your sex and relationship advice, let’s start listening and looking to each other.


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