Vashtie Birthday Party-Santos Party House

When you work hard you get to play hard. This whole day I had butterflies in my stomach thinking about how I was going to get my homework done in order to celebrate the birthday of a women that is so inspiring to me. I have been missing this event three years in a row and I could not live with myself if I had missed it again. I hustled and bustled my ass to get my homework done in time. Then I realized….I had no money. (Getting paid every week has it’s extreme downsides…before you know it your back to broke). Then I remembered I had a secret stash of coins just waiting to be used. Luckily it added up to the entry fee as well as my train ticket.


First I went to my best friend Ashley’s dorm in Jersey City to do funny dances, drink Ciroc and make a fool of ourselves on the Path Train.


While we finished our plastic bottles of mixed Ciroc outside in some parking lot near Santos. Yes pretty girls can do it hood too! We met some cool looking dudes who told us we missed out on the open bar of Moet. #Bummer. One of them had braces and I had a deep seated urge to lick his braces. Don’t Ask.

We proceeded inside the club to find movers, shakers and eccentric fakers along side the walls. Of course, nobody cool dances anymore. I have been wanting to go to Santos for three years now. Its all black, medium space with a good sized stage.

We danced to old school beats played by Jasmine Solano and DJ Josh Madden. Of course we met some extremely friendly people near the bathroom, New York Standard!

Then the birthday girl arrived decked out in what she noted as her 90’s hooker look. Besides her beauty Vashtie became quickly notable to me for her humor. Point blank Vashtie is a funny woman. She was on the stage making jokes and popping bottles with her best friends and familiar faces. The bonus of the night was watching her best friend Oscar get in the middle of the dance floor and show us youngn’s his old school moves.

Big K.R.I.T. came out to perform. I have had his mixtape for a couple of weeks now but never got time to listen. When I saw Vashtie’s party flyer and saw that he was performing I took to tumblr and let that mixtape loop. When I say he is a breathe of fresh air!! New age concious rapper is how I would describe him, no new comer is fucking with beats, Sorry. If your smart and want some newness in your life, download the mixtape. On stage he dawned  fresh ass Jordans and camo shorts. When I tell you, he has the accent of a South Fried Chicken! His country drawl was so thick and deep it reminded me of trying to drink molasses. Even Vashtie had to get on the mic and quote “K.R.I.T. I don’t know what your saying but that accent is sexy!”. He performed “My Sub” and had the club going hyphy as heads, asses and bodies swung from side to side. He is natural on the stage.

At the end of the short yet fulfilling performance he presented Vashtie with a bedazzled larger than life Moet bottle.

We exited the premises pretty early, I don’t really remember why. I wasn’t too upset though because we were about to get some goodie food. We headed over to Remedy Diner. We woofed down our nachos, wings and chicken breast sandwiches then headed back on the Path to Jersey City.

I slept on a air mattress that night. it’s all cool though because Im AMORE FATI ALL DAY!


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