Rye Rye


Rye Rye is two things. One: My inner style twin. Two: An artist that is slept on.

It happens so much in this world of Beyonce’s and Rihanna’s that artist who kick ass never get as much recognition as they should.


She is signed to M.I.A’s N.E.E.T label. Being associated to Maya is not always a good thing, known for her blunt and uber opionated comments against the government as well as the demonic mainstream music industry.


It is artists like Rye Rye who give us all of their creative juices knowing that there is the possibility that  the mainstream brain dead bobble heads can and will someday steal their swag.

Yet they continue to give us their all. I Thank You and Applaud You.

M.I.A. Show 2010

Electric Factory

Best Show of My Young Life.


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