Traditional Ghanaian Wedding

This past weekend I ventured to Maryland for my first cousins wedding. At the ripe age of 28 he is ready to marry his childhood friend and the woman of his dreams.

This was my first true and full Ghanaian Engagement, which is our version of a traditional American wedding.

So here is (SOME OF) the breakdown:

1. The groom’s family is supposed to purchase numerous traditional items, a Bible, a suitcase full of clothing as well as awesome fancy jewels which is shown to the bride’s family. You hope that they accept the gifts because if they don’t you are screweddd.

2. The groom’s family will meet the bride’s family for the first time in most cases, we then greet and meet.

3. The bride’s family will request money from the groom’s family. The groom;s family will give a little, then the bride’s representative (a friend or sister0) will joke and say “The amount given is not enough, if you do not give us more we will not give you the bride”. I am sure in the older days this was taken more serious but because everyone is dealing with the recession this part of the engagement is taken a bit more light heartily.

4. In American weddings there is the wedding song “Dun dun da dun…dun dun da dun” When the bride or an important person is coming into the room they are introduced with the “Adowa” dance and beating of the drum. At the engagement the woman who performed the  “Adowa” dance preceded her while young girls decked out in traditional cloth lay blue pedals on the ground..”Coming to America” style…Holla!

5. The bride and her family will if they choose accept everything the groom’s family has given her. They exchange their vows with the priest and of course KISS!! Food, Liquor, Dance and Love fill the air and we thank God for the blessing and meeting of two souls who will love each other for the rest of their physical lives and beyond.

Seeing my family have fun and seeing us give praises to God made my heart fully open up to who I am and whose I am.


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