Old Lessons Relearned

Just finished reading a comment on FB by one of my friends and it led me to this slit rant.

Seeing movies like 500 Days of Summer and Blue Valentine or even Love and Other Drugs are all indie films that cover me in emotions that are unexplainable. But after the unusual feelings subdue the first thought that emerges is where are the black people? Or if there are black people why does there have to be a discussion of color? Black people fall in love the same quirky and funny way as any other people in this century, right? Love is love and yes there are aspects to being in a black relationship that Asians, Hispanics, and whites might not understand but it VICE VERSA AS WELL!! It kills me because I cannot even think of a film that features colored people and romance that DOES NOT talk about the racial differences. Hollywood gives us the impression that if there is a person with a higher count of melaninn on the screen it is equal to having is a big ass pink elephant in the room and it must be referred to. THIS HAS TO STOP. LOVE SEES NO COLOR. 
America was a nation built on racism and insecurities and in order to be true to that red white and blue, Hollywood must point out that anyone who is not an Anglo Saxon MUST BE COMPLETELY DIFFERENT AND CANNOT FORM LIFE CHANGING  LOVE THE SAME WAY IN THEIR HEARTS——–insert sarcasm here. Hollywood must keep the ignorance alive by exclusivelyshowing blacks eating chicken, extremely poor Africans in huts, Hispanics living exclusively in Texas, and Asians owning grocery stores in Brooklyn. There are truths to every stereotype, BUT DAMN!

I digress. To see a film where there is not mention of race in a love story involving people of different ethnicities please call me. I would be more than happy to play the part. Naturally. 

MY deepest thoughts occur right before I got to sleep and right when I wake up. When I try to remember what insightful thoughts conspired in my mind to write on this blog of ideas….I blank. That’s how I know I was on such a level beyond normal.
Now I shall indulge in 18 dollar chocolate. Mind you there are only three pieces in the box.

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