I would like to elaborate on two outfit choices. Why? Because I can 🙂

 So, I went out after work to hear my friend DJ and hang out with my inspiring friend Christine.

This outfit is a feminine androgynous look. Of course the high waisted trousers are making every outfit complete this summer. But what makes my outfit unique to me is my lace shrug that I always get compliments as well as my rock necklace. My  rock necklace is probably one of my favorite pieces I own.

American Apparel Body Suit

TopShop Lace Shrug

TopShop Trousers

TopShop Rock Necklace

Lia Sophia Ring

Now this outfit is for when you are hot and sweaty in your room and cannot be bothered to take your jeans off so instead you take off your bra and wear a cut up tank. I have a slight obsession with cutting my t shirts into midriff baring pieces of cloth. 

Pink Tank (Random Store in Milan)

TopShop Jeans

Skin God


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