Make-Up Sesh

One of my good friends from high school just asked me about lipstick colors and I ended up rambling on about every product I use lolz.

I always go for a more natural glowy look and it is usually received very well.

I decided to share my products with you….if you have knowledge you should share it right? Yezzir.

I am going to break down this look of me and my baby cousin Dilys (I love her something serious) by product not application. Maybe I will do that when I don’t have to be at work in 20 minutes!!

For the glow under my eyes I use Benefit Coralista












For the little silver sparkle in the corner of the eye I use Physicians Formula for Brown Eyes







Foundation of choice is Bobby Brown Chestnut










For the nude lip look I use MAC Fresh Brew











I am not really a blush person but for a little color and shine I use MAC Mineralized Blush called Love Joy









Video on Application is coming soon…..


-Amore Fat


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