That Shit Cray

MY best friend from myeclecticheart did this amazing post for me on the latest hip hop album. I value her and thank her. Read on mortals…read on…

The highly anticipated collaborative album Watch the Throne by the kings of hip-hop Jay & ‘Ye has got the blogs in a frenzy. Why you ask?…because that shit cray! This album is so consistent in its lyrical delivery and beat production that it’s almost impossible to skip a track (almost).
The opening track No Church in the Wild sets the tone of the album with the crooning sounds of Frank Ocean dubbed over the intense raging beat of the wild. “Coke on her black skin make a stripe like a zebra, I call that jungle fever”. Fitting.  Lift Off takes flight in a positive direction by switching up the gears a bit. On the upbeat track Kanye channels his inner 808’s & Heartbreak`esque style by laying down a few synchronized vocals.  The addition of queen Bey’s exuberant voice is simply icing on the cake.

Ni**as in Paris is without a doubt the illest and most swaggerific track on the album. When the chorus drops I get the sudden urge to run out in the street middle fingers in hand and break out in every hip-hop dance craze since the ’90s (chicken head and superman included). Regardless of how poor this song makes me feel, it’s definitely one of my favorites.  Get money, Get money, Get money $$. ‘Ye and Jay pay homage to a number of music legends throughout the compilation like Nina Simone on New Day, Otis Redding on Otis, and Curtis Mayfield on The Joy. Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon, who oddly enough sounds like Charlie Wilson, joins the Throne duo and La Roux for the production of That’s My Bitch.  Not my favorite track but I definitely appreciate the chorus.


Synonymous to the album cover I think it’s safe to say that this album is solid gold.  And to anyone who denies that fact here’s a message for you:



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