The Fame Monster

There is beauty in becoming and being famous/popular. Finally being able to reach the pinnacle of success after years of no’s and don’t call us we’ll call you. When you were on your way to reaching that pinnacle of success you had a voice, a voice against something or for something and you swore that once you “made it” everyone would know what was on your mind. To me that is the beauty in becoming famous/popular you can reach and change millions of lives. That should be enough..but for many it never is and never will be.

These videos depict the slimy, sticky, evil substance that can stick onto your skin and completely engulf you. That is The Fame Monster.

The Weekend’s video for The Morning shows four women in the desert each struggling to reach the city ( or their dreams, which ends up being a mirage) while on their way they each sell their soul for their deepest desire or biggest vice…you choose if there is a difference. In the video in between the days of struggle they have these amazing nights full of sex, drugs and just plain old good times, everyone needs a bit of that time and again right? But that isn’t enough for the women. One bag of cocaine is not enough, one night of passionate sex is not enough….people will never be satisfied. They end up drowning in their vices and inability to control The Fame Monster….you can choose do you get that? YOU GET TO CHOOSE. This video basically sums up Drake’s social life behind the music.


This Kanye film from the 808’s and Heartbreak album can be broken down as the woman is being chased by “The Powers That Be”. If you choose wisely in the beginning you will not have to be pushed to the point of no return in the end. #NUFFSAID


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