My Kid Cudi Story

Kid Cudi is on the cover of the COMPLEX MAGAZINE’S  Oct/Nov issue.

It is just so amazing to see how God really works when you believe and hold steady to your dreams.

I first saw Mr.Rager himself perform at 2008’s Summerstage in Central Park.

I had no idea who this goofy guy was on stage but you know I was still nodding my head and enjoying the blister popping heat.

So me and my girls decided to get away from the crowd and decided to sit our asses on some grasses.

We look over and there’s Kid Cudi just standing alone texting on his cellular device.

One of my girls goes “Hey there’s Kid Cudi, you guys wanna say hi?”

Then me and my other uppity Jersey friend go “Hell no who is he?!”

And now look….he is on his third cover of Complex….I usually do not do the annoyed face but that situation called for it


So leasson learned…do not be jugdmental towards rising stars…..nobodies always become somebodies.

BONUS: Here is a vid of Cudder waaaaaaaahhaaaayyyyhaaaaaay before he got signed. He is walking around NYC talking about labels and being unusually hood. Enjoy


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