Documentary on Women in Media


The portrayal of women in media is a very tricky thing in my eyes. For me I will do sexy photo shoots and still go to middle schools  to speak to young girls about loving themselves and how education is key. If you feel demeaned by the media, that they are forcing you to be something that you are not then that is you feeling that way. No person, place or thing can you make you feel what you do not want to feel. As we get older we realize that we have the choice to choose whether we want to be effected by stereotypes and what society says about us. Women are powerful and strong and sexy. God created Eve and Lillith both women tricked and disobeyed Adam because they both realized the power that God had given them. What I am saying is who cares if women are being sexy in the media. If that particular model, actress or spokesperson can sleep at night then you should be able to as well.

Do you and let her do her. Men know the truth. You know the truth.


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