Vashtie Holidae Party

Second time at Santos Party House and 2nd time for a Vashtie event.


Me and my girls Sherrise and Shardae got to the venue super early. So early that we got there before Vashtie and the people setting up thought that we were VIP…..even though we are always very important people in God’s eyes!


It was such a pleasure meeting Vashtie, because you know how inspiring she is to me but it was also a relief to see her act “normal” mingling with everyone and even semi-dutty whining when the reggae jams came on.


Jasmine Solano and Melo-X were guest DJ’s and played everything from extra old school RnB that I couldn’t name to Rihanna’s “We Found Love”. For some reason there is such an energy about that song like everytime it plays you just have to jump around and scream and just love that moment and your life.


My boy Moruf showed his face! Which was awesome. BTW I am still working on an interview I did with him, I’m just having some tech difficulties.


The night was epic full of dancing and beautiful people with powerful energy. One of those NYC nights that reminds you of how lucky you are to living in the Big Apple at this moment in history. I didn’t even mind walking to the Q train in the pouring rain.


LESSON LEARNT: People who are in the public eye are on the same level as you. Never look up to celebs or famous people. You can be inspired by them no doubt but do not fear speaking to them because you think they are “bigger” than you. Go. Talk. Mingle.


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