Resolutions That Are Easy for YOU

1. Go to another state this year… realistic and save up for an awesome trip in the spring. Lets say COACHELLA?!

2. Lose a little weight. Nothing serious. Maybe a pound or two.

3. Love yourself. Like seriously just do it already! Look at yourself in the mirror..NEKKID…and say “This body does not define the true person that I am”

4. Eat more organic. Don’t give up meat but try to eat free range chicken or grass fed hens. Cancer doesn’t appear out of nowhere people!

5. Forgive. When you hold onto anger towards others you are just trapping yourself. let it go. It may take a while but please get it done.

6. Stay busy….its fun to be lazy sometimes but dont marinate in that procrastination. Get an internship, volunteer, get a job somewhere that you’ve been interested in.

7. Pray. Meditate. Be Conscious. Practice this until it becomes second nature.

8. Relax when your on the subway. it is too damn congested to be getting mad at people for touching you, or talking loud, or playing their music loud…..just relax its only a moment in time.

9. I know it might be weird now that we can create who we want to be behind computer screens but smile at people when out in public or at least have a smile on your face. But if its cold outside I understand why you would frown.

10. Did you know you can and achieve all of these “life-openers” before January 1st 2013?


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