Amore Fati

This photo was taken by photographer Ian Gittler on the set of an Assurance Wireless commercial.

I was an assistant stylist on the set.

I learned so much in those two days and i engulfed myself in the experience.

I recently quit my job at TopShop, I knew I was ready for my true life to open up. After I told my co-workers that I was leaving I was met with  a lot of “You should have found a job first or No don’t leave yet”

None of those comments deterred me from moving onto my next journey. Taking leaps of faith is what makes up this journey. I was raised believing that if I did not want to do something or if I was not happy in a situation I can leave it because it is my life and I have to do it all without any fear in my heart or mind.

When I tell you my life opened up, just as I had prayed it would, after leaving TopShop it is almost unbelievable.

Look at that picture above. One leap of faith. A picture is worth a thousand words.


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