Azalea vs Azealia

Look at what we have here…female rap beef…I am shocked and appalled!! SIKE like Ye’ said “Hata niggas marry hata bitches and have hata kids”.

What we have here is the Australian born Iggy Azalea gracing XXL’s highly anticipated Freshman List. The blonde bombshell is the first woman to be nominated amongst hip hop’s most blog worthy up and coming rappers.

Less than 24 hours after the release of the magazine cover Azealia Banks took to her twitter and let out her frustration aka her hate and hurt.

What Banks fails to see is all of the things she has accomplished. She has forgotten how far she has come. She performed at Karl Lagerfeld’s house in PARIS!! Why are you mad again? You were featured in Interview Magazine and sat front row at shows in Paris. I think someone needs a slice of humble pie.

And even though Banks has had a spoonful of the fashion world. They have yet to get their designer paws upon the vixen that is Iggy. I’ve told my friends numerous times, once the fashion world gets a hold of Iggy there will be no stopping her.


I find both of these females much more talented than any other up and coming female rappers. Instead of insecurities and forced beef from Banks end she needs to realize that she has the great potential to become the next M.I.A. if only she would stop looking to see who is next to her and just focus on who is front of her, which is nobody.

And who had the name first?


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