#STRO Event

Last Friday Levi Maestro held an event at Reed Space for his STRO clothing line. A one day only POP POP POP-UP shop.


I was supposed to go with a friend of mine who completely flaked at the last minute and I nearly had a panic attack because now I had to go to this event by myself. 

Luckily for me this was another test I had to put myself through, putting myself in uncomfortable situations  in order for me to understand that I will always come out VICTORIOUS! Which I did but that’s  another day another post 😉

This was my first time in Reed Space, popped that cherry!



Filled with books and magazines that you can’t even find in the corner bodegas in Soho. I was really happy I finally got the chance to check out the premier issue for Hypebeast Magazine.



Reed Space is the definitely a pioneer in exclusively carrying streetwear lines galore from OTW, HUF, CrooksxCastles, etc. They have two locations in NYC, one in Japan, you can also find their eponymous magazine on shelves all over the world.




I had a really good time and although I did not speak to Levi this time I’m sure he noticed me taking pics of everything from the cobwebs in the corner to his STRO shirts.





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