I met this beautiful songstress over the weekend and the first thing I said to her was “What song do you sing?”

Nerves, I swear…I can’t…I need a minute….

Alright lol this songbird is Malaysian born and bred Yunalis Mat Zara’ai also known as Yuna. Her style and soul are new, honest and a much needed breathe of fresh air.

I first discovered Yuna through my beloved Melody Ehsani’s blog. The few things I like about the speed of the internet, good shit spreads quickly (as does the shitty shit unfortunately).

Her life popular song “Live Your Life” is a soft spoken and encouraging melody speaks  to everyone who maybe afraid or not ready to live to their full potential. The track was produced by none other than Pharrell Williams, don’t you recognize the kicks and drums?

Cute and Comfortable Outfit

Yuna is signed to FADER label, with her self-debut album debuting at #23 on the BillBoard Pop chart back in April.

I do not know how many times I told her she was going to be a star probably 50x,she literally could not get a word out because I was nervous and excited to meet her.

She is the type of artist that creates music that gives you chills because you know it was meant for you and only you to understand.


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