The Mindy Kaling Project

You may remember this beautiful face from the hit tv show The Office. Mindy Kaling is now one of the only women of color in Hollywood to create, star, direct and produce her own television show on a major tv network. Well look who is breaking barriers!

 The Mindy Kaling Project will debut September 25th on FOX @9:30. The show is centered around her charecter who is an awesome OB/GYN yet cannot seem to get her love life right.

Many women can relate to this, especially in today’s world where women are very successful in their careers but cannot seem to get the whole long-lasting healthy relationship thing on track.

Kaling makes me so proud because she has literally defyed every rule or law Hollywood has established. To me she is a more “colorful” Lena Dunham (HBO’s Girls).

I hope everyone supports this show and not because she is a woman of color but because she is a human being who has taken her life into her own hands like an Amore Fati should do….and she is funny ass hell.


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