One Day Your In….Next Day Your Out

Today is the beginning of a beautiful month known as October.

Life moves fast….we live it moving forward but understand it looking backwards

The month of September was the definition of a transition. I realized that I am not a fashion girl and I have been living a lie or someone else’s dream. I am clear on where I am going and the career path that has been paved for me. Fashion twas not it! There is a long story behind this that even my closest friends don’t know about…another day another blog post or better yet a video

I also have completely (after many nights of tears and prayers) disconnected spiritually, emotionally, mentally, physically and sexually from my ex TOYfriend…I use the term TOYfriend because we were playing games for way too long. I realized that I clearly did not like or love myself and now I gladly and willing get to fill myself up on some good ol’ self-lovin

Everyday we have not only external battles with other people but we also have to conquer and take back our minds which sometimes can runaway from us causing us to create problems and stories that were never there. September taught me how to stop giving excessive amounts of energy and though and time to situations that are somewhat out of my control. For the past few weeks the first thoughts that would pop into my head were my problems. I know better than that and I refuse to have that become a habit of mine. And so I decided to take EXTRA care when monitoring my thoughts and feelings surrounding those thoughts.

Throughout September I was learning and making mistakes and being advised by the universe.I am out of school but life lessons never stop. 


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