“Racist” Dolce & Gabbana SS13 Collection

A few days ago Concreteloop.com and Huffington Post put up posts about Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana’s latest pieces from their SS13 collection which debuted in Milan,Italy asking readers if they felt it was RACIST!

Their posts stated that the black faces printed onto the clothing as well as the earrings were very distasteful,  prejudice and inconsiderate. The commentators on both sites stated the faces were very reminiscent of  Black Jiggaboos, Aunt Jemima and Blackface that haunt our American past. People were also disappointed that there were no black models on the catwalk, they felt if the line was going to have black faces on the clothing they could at least have black faces on the runway.

I was speaking to someone about how people felt about this collection and she made a really wonderful statement “Most of the time the people that are offended are not initially people of color”. I really believe this is true because if nobody brings attention to it then nobody knows it exists. The Huffington Post (predominately white) wrote the article which sparked Concreteloop as well as many other African American based blogs to write their take on the story. I, being a first generation Ghanaian-American, was NOT offended in any way shape or form. I even giggled to myself thinking about how I was {} this close to becoming offended when I realized, I know what I am honestly offended by and what I am not offended by. 

 5 Reasons Why This Is Not Offensive

1.The Black Faces are of the Moors: The fashion line was inspired by Sicily’s rich culture and history which incorporates the Moors who were medieval Muslim inhabitants of Northwest Africa, Sicily as well as many other countries. Moors were powerful people. Powerful in spirit, culture and intelligence. If people knew the history of Africa nobody would be pointing the racist finger in this situation.

2.  Only Americans Are Offended: Only Americans think that it is offensive. Although this entire world was funded from the  slave trade that involved multitudes of people, Americans,us being the youngest nation, are still trying to shake off what our nation did and continues to do to people of color. So whenever someone who is not of color puts a person of color on ANYTHING…people have to cry about it.

3. No Black Models: That’s fine because if there were black models modeling black clothing they would be called Uncle Toms

4. It’s Fashion: At the end of the day nobody will have anything negative to say when Solange rocks one of these looks next year..so everyone should just shut up right now. The clothing is empowering and beautifully made. Italian designers celebrating their history and acknowledging that black people were apart of that fruitful culture should be congratulated not beaten down. *I would also like to point out that their were white women on the earrings as well not just black women*

5. Perception is Everything: You see a slave… I see beautiful Kings and Queens

Closing Thoughts: Have your own mind. Knowing is stronger than believing. Beliefs flutter but knowing in your core what may offend you or what hurts your feelings is your truth. If you read my post and still are offended by the Dolce and Gabbana collection then ask yourself “Why Am I Offended?”


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