Snow Day Lessons

I am sitting here in the office cleaning out my wallet and I am finding all of these inspirational and motivation magazine clippings that I have collected this past year.

Here is a list of 15 Things That Women Who Are Older Wished They Could Tell Their 20-Year Old Self.

I clipped it from an Essence Magazine issue earlier this year. Enjoy my Amore Fati’s!

1. Ask yourself what do you want to be doing at 40

2. Make a plan and work at it. You can tweak it along the way

3. Reach out. You don’t have to do it alone. We’re here for you

4. Save a little bit every week, even a single dollar

5. Don’t accept negative things others say about you. If they have an observation, tell them to make it constructive

*6. You are responsible for your actions (Personal favorite..I learned this the hard way this year)

*7. Video Dancer is not a profession (I do not really agree with this one..I love me Esther Banks and Amber Rose)

8. Be aware of the ways pop culture try to diminish you. Reject them

9. Be patient with people’s short coming but not their bad behavior

10. Know that you can love someone and still walk away

11. Any job is better than no job. It’s not forever. It’s merely a stepping-stone

12. Any man is not better than no man

13. Men think about sex a lot. What’s on your mind

14. Whatever you dream, there’s a wonderful person who has already done it

15. You can do it, too


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