I Am In Africa

Hi there to my few followers. Just in case you did not know i am in Ghana, West Africa for the holidays. I like to be incognegro sometimes so I left with a tweet, a facebook status, my suitcases full of awesome clothes and my heart ready to experience the other country I can call home.

I have been here for three days and I have not had a tension headache once. Only a few know that I suffer from acute tension headaches when I overt hink or when I become stressed. Not one of these damned headaches has plagued me and it has made me question  why I was suffering form them in the first place. It may have stemmed from my year of “The False Me”. We have all suffered through a year like “The False Me” year. A year where you do everything that is beneath the maginificence that you are. For example I stayed at an internship for too long even after I found out it was not going to become a full time position. On the side I was working at a retail store that went against 2 promises to myself. One that I was not going to work retail anymore and the other promise was to NEVER work at the particular retail store in my life. But alas I was working at my tenth retail job and 5th internship all the while stressed and wondering why my life had measured up to this.

Luckily through prayer, a loving family, amazing friends and this stress-free trip to Ghana I have realized what I am meant to do, who I am meant to become and the steps I have to take in order to get there. I was essentially living without meaning or purpose. But by the grace of God and the flow of life those days of unknowing, unhappiness and uncertainty are OVER.

Are you living without purpose? Going through days and forgetting WHOSE and WHO you are? Rest assured  that those days are all part of the journey and I am here to tell you that if I can escape from the dark tunnels then so will you! Finding your purpose seems scary but it is easier to think of it as loving yourself deeply and doing anything and everything that you love to do that benefits your spirit as well as the spirits of those around you!

I have been lost but it takes those last straws of bullshit to shout to the sky “That Is It I Am Done…Finished with Being A Mere Shadow Of Myself!!”. Stop living a lie and start living a LIFE! Find and pursue that dream career until your dream becomes a reality. Continue loving  yourself deeply and truly so that you will never have to rely on external factors for your happy ending. It helps to know that God is within you, lives as you and through you.

I am so happy to be having the last few days of 2012 end blissfully. Even just after a few days here I know I am going to blaze a trail when i get to the states and I am going to provide my family with everything they have ever wished for 100 fold! My family is better off than many other people on this Earth but I am going to make it a goal of mine to take them as well as myself to the next level of excellence, health, wealth and happiness ALL in the highest abundance.

Amore Fati


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