I Am Happy

I don’t know if its the fact that I am eating a heavily based green diet (with the occasional cookie here and there) or that I have finally found the remedy to end my winter time dry skin……but I am feeling damn good! And it is not just a momentary happiness because something awesome happened, it is the type of happiness that is erupting from my core shining its’ light for the world to see.

When I get on the train I am not angry, when I think about the bills I have to pay I do not feel poor, when I think about my loveship life (or lack there of) I do not get sad. I am happy and content with who I am and where my life is at this very moment. It feels good to feel good…plain and simple. 

During the day everyday I thank God for all the happy people in my life, better than good health, and all of the little things that count. I feel as if I have learned to accept and to really accept my life as it is. Now there are many areas in my life that need some reworking and are not very ideal or what I had in my mind for my life at this time but I have full faith and know that life will only get better because I have chosen to be happy today.

I could be upset about where my life and how it seems to be repeating itself but I would rather spend my mental and spiritual time and energy being grateful for what I have now and take a step everyday towards living the greatest life that I see for myself.

If your current situation is not ideal do not  let your emotions cloud your eyes from seeing the blessing of a life you are living.



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