Styled Nitty Scott’s “Flower Child” Video

IMAG0487On one fine impulsive  lazy day on the internet I hit up an extremely talented mc by the name of Nitty Scott and got the chance to style her for a show she did with Asher Roth.

Fast foward 5 months and I got the chance to co-style her for her “Flower Child” music video. Fatima Farmer of First and formost praises to Fatima because she was literally a heaven sent fashion instrument who executed the looks beautiufully, strategically and expertly. *Bows Down*

Nitty is an MC at heart so her style has been very street, when you google her you see her in timbs and tee shirts so this video will be a transformation into showing her devoted fans her more sensual side.DSCN4992

Here are the beautiful looks that were created! “Flower Child” Video Out Soon!!! By the way I made the flower headband and it took me 2 bouquets, two days and a pollen covered floor but it was so so worth it!



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