Big Sean’s Motivating Vlog

I remember being a Junior in college and listening to Big Sean’s Finally Famous Mixtapes and engulfing every rhyme, hyperbole and oxymoron he would spit. To me Big Sean put the “Supa Dupa” rap style on the map. What made me love Big Sean as a person was his story of how he made it into Kanye Wests’ camp. His friend called him up one day and told him that Kanye West was at their local radio station so he ran over to the station and because Big Sean was an up and coming rapper who won the radio stations weekly rap battles they allowed him to get into the station. He begged Kanye to let him spit a quick 16 bar and Kanye was like “Nah, nah” then Big Sean begged, pleading to just get one chance. So Kanye West let him spit and the rest is HIStory.

During every interview Big Sean makes us believe and know that everything and anything is possible. Now he is giving us his motivational side in his vlog on Youtube. It’s been around since 2012 but I just found it now and have to share with you all. Enjoy and Be Inspired. D TOWN!!!


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