POPULA is a Brooklyn based hip hop funk artist, lead singer of the band IAMPOPULA and he is my Musical Guest of the Month!


I had the great fortune of seeing this artist perform in his hometown of Brooklyn a few weeks ago and his positive rhymes and confidence on stage had me hooked. It is always a breathe of fresh air when you are able to meet an artist who you know lives and breathes his craft. I had the chance to sit down with POPULA and get a bit more insight on his vision as an artist and what message he wishes to spread to his fans.

When did you decide to start seriously pursuing a career in music?

Well I always knew I wanted to make music even when I was younger. My step father is Umar Bin Hasson of The Last Poets and I remember watching him perform at home and he would sing and write poems and freestyles all day long. Then as I got a  little older my brother would train me on the art of writing hip hop.  I did open mic nights down in North Carolina where I went to school and I was recording for 7 years and only giving the music to my friends. I didn’t start pursuing it seriously until 2010 it took some time mostly because I had to create a space for myself to have compassion for myself, look past my flaws and just move forward.

That’s amazing your step-dad was a part of  The Last Poets! What artists (past/present) inspire you today?

Of course Biggie Smalls, Tupac, Big Daddy Kane, Andre 3000, Macklemore, Kanye West, Black Thought as well as Will.I.Am.

You seem to be totally comfortable with who you are…when I saw you perform and you took off your shoes you took it to a whole other level of comfort…

Yeah, I took my shoes off because I want to make the people feel comfortable so that we can all just vibe out and have fun and loosen up together

You performed a song called “Face Lift/ Tummy Tuck” tell me what or who inspired you to write about the particular topic…

It was written for my female friends and fans  that are pressured by society. It’s supposed to be funny but the idea underneath is that you have to love you in order to love others.

As an artist what is your goal as far what you want your music to do for others?

I just want to be able to create a space for people to not be afraid and assist them in releasing their fears. I am a person using love as music.

Do you have any fears?

Of course if people will like all the new music I put out. Success. To be something that would change me into a superstar and subconsciously ruining myself.

Where will POPULA and IAMPOPULA be in the next 10 years?

We want the Indigo Hippy Company and Record Company to grow to the point where we manage tons of successful acts distributing their work worldwide. Through the collective we want to push all creative boundaries through film, fashion, acting, culinary and so many other avenues. At the end of the day I want to push people and help them to understand that they can do it to!

Check out POPULA’S  Youtube Channel IAMPOPULA

Make Sure To Follow Him on Twitter @IAMPOPULA







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