Are You Living A “PLAN B” Life?

We are taught that if we pursue our dreams and fail we should have a backup plan. Too many times people get caught up in making sure that their PLAN B is right that they forget to pursue their dreams of living a PLAN A life.

But what if right now you are living a PLAN B life because God is getting you ready to live out your PLAN A. It sucks when your young and a creative and all you want to do is work on your craft rather than be at your 9-5 or working retail. My friends and I were chatting on this topic when it dawned on me that every little thing we are learning as we work too hard for a little bit of money in order to pay bills, is setting us up for greatness in the future.

Don’t be upset or sad for too long because you are working somewhere or doing something that does not fuel your fire or get your spirit going. I am fine living a PLAN B life because I know my PLAN A life is right around the corner…and yours is too!

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