Red Velvet Chicken and Waffles in Brooklyn

Every time I think about chicken and waffles (depending on whether I am on a  serious veggie craze or not) my mouth waters uncontrollably, straight up Niagara Falls..

So last week my cousin flew in from London and insisted on trying the American classic, I have eaten chicken and waffles many times before at The Pink Tea Cup (RIP) and it was really good but I wanted something different and new, that we could both experience. So I said Goodbye green juice and Hello chicken and waffles!

I remembered a few months ago on Instagram I saw a photo that took my breath away…it was chicken and waffles but not the usual golden brown color we are so used to, the waffle was a beautiful and delectable Red Velvet! Enough said. On her last day in the states we ventured to Soco on Mrytle Ave. in Brooklyn and sat down to some amazing service and God-sent Red Velvet Chicken + Waffles. These waffles have a cake-like consistency and literally melt in your mouth, I did not want to eat all of it because I wanted to experince it again the next day.  Before the main meal we got appetizers, I am begging you to try their ribs and mussels! My British cousin completely approved!


The chicken is pure organic which made me feel better about leaving my green juices behind and the service was awesome (ask for Alex…really cool Asian dude with the sexiest voice ever…I told him that he needs to become a voice-over artist).

What I also loved about Soco is that their drinks are served in mason jars and they have a beautiful back porch for large party seating. I give this place a 5/5……I never rate shit but this place is so good that it must rated!



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