Beat That Ash!



I was born an ashy baby. An ashy African baby to be exact. All my life I have had to stay extra moist because if I didn’t then my skin would itch and hurt and become so tight and dry. Absolutely unbearable!I remember in middle school right after a shower I would drench myself in baby oil and I would be slippin and sliding all over the place!  Thanks to vlogger/lifestyle women such as Alex Elle ( and Hey Fran Hey ( I’ve discovered amazing products that are healthy and natural and actually work! Winter time is unbearable for me but I have found the perfect combo of products and tricks that leave my skin a beautiful brown instead of an ashy white. Let me know what products you use or let me know how my method works for you! Follow me on Instagram: BeenieTV

1. Do Not Take Long Hot Showers!

-I know sometimes you just wanna come home and take a nice long hot shower but this is an ultimate no-no! Hot water dries out your skin making it extremely tight. Instead take a short warm shower. 

2. Moisturize While In The Shower

-A great trick I learned during my baby oil middle school days was to oil up while in the shower (Please be careful we do not need any accidental slip n’ slide accidents!) The oil captures the moisture from the water and sets into your skin. Then when you get out of the shower lightly pat your skin dry. It is important to pat instead of rub to preserve moisture.

-I use Life Flo Almond Oil $13 ( after using my Shea Moisture Coconut and Hibiscus Soap $10.99 (Target,Duane Reade, Walgreens..) They both feel good and the Shea Moisture smells divine!

3. Lotion Up!

-I discovered Belle Butters ( earlier this year but never purchased until recently. I was really intrigued by the whipped butter concept because I had never seen or heard of anything like it. I purchased the Double Agent Butter (4 oz $15). This stuff is crack! It smells sooooooo good and my elbows stay moist all day (that is how I truly test products…the elbow check). I chose this butter because of the cranberry seed oil and avocado oil. I try to use it only once or twice a week because I don’t want it to run out! If you are looking for a new product for all skin types and all ages and races this is the butter for you!

Image of Double Agent Butter

I know that these tips and tricks will work for you in combating the dreadful Winter Itch! Leave comments about how you Beat That Ash!




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