Alkaline Water


Alkaline water is a great way to.balance the pH levels in your body, prevent bone loss and control tooth decay. It’s normal  water put through an alkalizer that raises the pH level to 7.

I have looking everywhere for Alkaline water and I finally found it at this cute juice place called Juice Served Here. And it’s only $4 for this pretty big glass bottle. I actually turn the bottes into coin jars because I didn’t want to recycle or throw them away.

The girl who introduced me to Juice Served Here told me about how she used to sweat profusely and after incorporating Alkaline water into her diet she no longer sweats and can even go without wearing deodarant for a day or two.

This is only my second bottle in a month so I will def give an update on how Alkaline water has helped me!

Thanks for reading and let me know.if you get your hands on some Alkaine water.


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