25 On My Way to 25

Being a quarter century old never looked or felt so good! I’ve been 25 for about two months now and I seriously have not enjoyed any age more than 25. I’ve lived so many different lives and can honestly say this is my favorite one! Filled with adventures, new people, faith and this amazing bond between myself and God.  I share with you 25 things I have learned on my way to 25 and hope that you take whatever lessens resonate with you and implement them into your own journey. @BeenieTV



1. Give EVERYTHING up to GOD. All of it. As humans we have the need to control everything but I learned to let it go and seriously give EVERY part of my life up to the ALL that created me. God knows you better than you know yourself so let go and trust him to take care of you. What a difference giving up control has made in my life!

2. Trust the Universe. The Universe is here to solely support and guide you to fulfill everything you were meant to do on this Earth. Life is not here to be against you. Life is here to support you in the big stuff and the little stuff.

3. Do not force friendships, loveships, jobs, etc. There is nothing wrong with having determination but you have to know when to realize something is just not for you. I used to want people and jobs and boys so bad in my life that I would do anything to get it/them. Anytime I got it/them it ended up being awful and I would have to pick myself up off the floor. It’s never ever worth it.

4. Travel. Get your butt up, get a passport, save your money and go see this amazing planet we live on. I got to travel all over Europe when I studied in Milan (study abroad program…if you are still in school I highly recommend taking advantage).  One time I had a serious urge to go to Chicago so I booked a flight and hotel and went for a weekend….no reason at all but it was cool to just get up and go.

5. Dress how you want. Last year I decided that I was going to dress how i wanted to dress no matter where I was going. Sometimes when I would put on an outfit that I liked I would second guess it because it may not fit into what everyone else would be wearing at the event. It sucked changing my outfit then getting to the event and realizing “DANG I COULDA BEEN POPPIN RIGHT NOW!” lol. So no more of that. Be free and dress how you want. You don’t wanna wear heels? Then don’t. You want to wear white all the damn time? Then do. It’s fashion and it’s supposed to be fun.

6. You will get hurt. but don’t bury your heart and stop it from knowing love in all of its’ forms. In my past relationship I didn’t get love from him so I was hardened and couldn’t receive love I was being given by my friends or my mother. Now that I am open to love I can see my mom’s strong love and understand the love my friend’s have from me.

7. Every club you go to dance like nobody is watching. Seriously, do it.

8. Do health experiments on your body to see what does and doesn’t work for you. For example, when I take meats completely out of my diet I do not suffer from constipation. Another example, one time I made some beet juice and chugged it….I threw it up 2 minutes later. My body completely rejected drinking straight beet juice.  Try some things out and see what works.

9. Create something you can call your own. Create your legacy.

10. You are going to have a lot of shoulda, coulda, woulda’s but know that no matter what may happen you are ALWAYS on the right path.

11. You are going to change. In grade school I wanted to be Amanda Bynes, in middle school I just wanted to make people laugh and go to preteen parties, in high school I did not care about getting good grades and just wanted to smoke and drink. In college I did not feel good about myself at all. Today, I am awesome lol.

12. Have a creative outlet even if you are not a creative person. You have to work both sides of the brain to get proper balance.

13. Practice your spiritual practices daily. This keeps you in line with life’s goodness. My spiritual practices are guided or silent mediation for 10-15, prayer bullets, listening to gospel music and doing random yoga poses lol. But these all help keep me balanced and help me keep my attitude and negative thinking at bay

14. Look at yourself naked, a lot. See what you like first. Understand your body parts. Move around to see how your precious body moves. Touch your body and tell your body how much you appreciate it.

15. It will take time but forgive those that have hurt you. Forgiveness is for your own peace of mind and peace of heart. Like everything in life practice makes perfect so if you mess up, like when you curse someone out in your head from your past, don’t be hard in yourself. Just release.

16.  Whoever takes care of you and actually loves you love them back and tell them you love them.

17. Know that whatever dream is on your heart will absolutely become your reality. If you have it on your heart to be a dancer, DJ or a professional duck hunter  follow that dream. God did not place it on your heart by accident.

18. Love is not needing the validation from him/her/them. Bending over backwards to make someone see your value is a fear based love.

19. Wait to lose your virginity. Get to know yourself sexually first.

20. Speak up for yourself. Speak your truth. Even when your heart is beating and your palms are sweating. Speak up when necessary. I am working on this and still struggle with it but the times I did let go of my fear of how the other person would react , I would say what I had to say and surprisingly it would start an honest dialogue with the other person.

21. There has only ever been 1 you in human history.  Let that marinate. How amazing is that? So you have to do everything you can to make it count.

22. Break out of your comfort zone. For me, breaking out of my comfort zone was loving people. Like deep, pure, human to human love. I struggle with that. I can be friendly, I can be cool with you and hit you up and be excited to see you on the street but to love you? That’s something I am lovingly learning still.

23. Do not dim your light to make others comfortable. This has been a daily mantra of mine for everywhere I go because for so long I was acting as a little Bath and Body Works candle when I am really a raging volcano! People need to see you. People need to see your light. Your light can help them out of their darkness.

24. Free yourself from the opinions of others. Media, Parents, Spouses, Classmates. This is true freedom. Making your own choices and refusing to let the opinions of others have power over the choices you do make.


25. Unlearn what you have been taught. Recondition your mind to a higher level of living.




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