Today’s My LA-versary!


The first of the month represents two things for me. My rent being due and another month in Los Angeles. I moved to LA three months ago today and it has been a serious life changer. Everyday is beautiful and fun and full of adventure. This is the first time I am living on my own and paying rent and bills but it has not been as hard as i thought. I always knew I was going to live in LA before I turned 25 and I did it! I moved out here 2 weeks before my 25th birthday. So far I can honestly say that I am meant to be here and although I love NYC and I love how NYC raised me I believe my personality is more suited for the LA lifestyle.

Some misconceptions about Los Angeles is that you need a car, everyone is superficial and people just want to use to get ahead. I do not have a car but I am able to get everywhere I need to get on the bus. When I first moved here I transferred stores with the company i was working for and unfortunately had to take 3 buses to get to work. That sucked but it helped me understand the bus system better. You can compare the LA bus system to that of Philadelphia’s. If you ever been on a Philly bus you also know that there is a lot of craziness that happens and it is not different for the LA buses. Two weeks ago a homeless person took a shit on the bus…..took a shit on the bus.

Everyone is actually very nice here. People say hi to you and smile and everyone asks where you come from because most people here are transplants. I have encountered some people that say things that make give them a quick side eye, but that’s everywhere. Everyone is doing something here but it is important to decipher between who is actually doing something and who you can genuinely just build a friendship with. Oh and celebrities are not everywhere…you spot them here and there but they’re very few and far between.

Before I moved out here I had no expectations about what LA would be like. All i knew was that if i didn’t leave NY/NJ I was going to be miserable. In LA you can achieve anything and everything you could achieve in New York but without the rat race mentality. The relaxed vibe helps me to give everything up to God and not feel pressured to get things done by a make believe deadline. When you have that east coast hunger/hustle you can make things happen that you never thought could happen.

The way people dress is exactly like what you saw on The Hills. very casual, girly and a little boring. once in a while you see some fly people but other than that I am usually always standing out because of my East Coast attire. Last weekend i went to a party in the hills (yes this is a real area not just the name of the tv show) everyone there looked like they were going to different parties. I looked like I was shopping in Soho, some girls looked like they were going to the club and other people looked like they didn’t give a shit.

I’m excited that this is the new city I call home. I totally see myself living her for the next 7 years and growing and living the life I want and the career of my dreams.




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