My Most Recent *GodWink*

I do not believe in coincidences. I believe in *GodWinks*.

I experience GodWinks on a weekly basis and I feel like I have to share my most recent one with you guys.

Last week I randomly picked up Devon Franklin’s Book “Produced By Faith” . I opened up to the chapter where he speaks about how God wanted him to preach and minister but he was fighting it because he wanted to be in the movie industry and didn’t understand how the two went together. In the chapter he finally listened to God and he spoke about how he preaches all over the nation at churches everywhere. The following day I was hanging out with some of my friends and one of them reminded me of Devon Franklin in his mannerisms and conviction. We start talking about midweek service at One Church and we decided we were gunna go. On Wednesday I get an email from One church promoting midweek service and DEVON FRANKLIN IS THE GUEST SPEAKER! I got to witness his preaching that I was reading about a few days earlier. He preached on giving up one area of life in order to receive God’s blessings in ALL areas of your life. And that my friend’s is a GodWink.


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