Petite with Meat/ Health Fit-Fest

I am 5’3 and I think 126lbs. I am naturally petite but i have always had extra meat on my tummy and arms. I have always wanted to be as skinny as models and some of my friends who have the luxury of hanging naturally flat tummies. Every year I fluctuate in weight and I am tired of it. I want to have the flat stomach that I know i can have.

Back in June I started using Blogilates meal plan challenge and workout videos on Youtube and saw a HUGE difference in my physique. I have been on the meal plan on and off for the past three months and my tummy is still smaller than it’s ever been. I still have extra meat and only slight definition but I am just so happy I found something that works for me.

Here is my video on BeenieTV of my Petite with Meat Rant.

Here is a link to Blogilates website and Youtube Channel








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