BeenieTV VLOG: Fear is a Muthasucka


Fear will tear you from the life our creator intended for you to live. I have dealt with enormous amounts of fear while on this journey of living on the other side of the country pursuing my dreams as a successful actress. I have had so many moments where the EGO will try to make me think that i am less than or that I am unworthy of the opportunities that have come to me. But God has always and will always see me through these crazy times. Our Creator created us for his purpose and his Divine plan. if he has given you a gift or a talent or whispered something on your heart it is because he needs it to happen. But the great thing is that if he hens it to happen then he has already created the ways and the paths for it to happen. So why fear? simply because we are human. But when we remember we come from God it makes the fear and the ego not so strong after all.

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