Moving To LA: Public Transportation

I’ve been in LA for 10 months and I do not have a car. I wasn’t really worried about having a car in LA because I knew that whether public transportation sucked or not it was my only choice. I have come to enjoy my rides on the bus because it gives me a chance to read, listen to music, listen to my thoughts and enjoy the scenery.

Of course I have some horror stories of people on the bus fighting, screaming even pooping! Many buses do NOT run 24hrs but it’s okay because the city shuts down at 2AM. There is a bus near my house that runs 24 hours and it is always on time. i love using the METRO app which gives me exact time of when buses will arrive.

I enjoy taking the bus more than the trains i just really dislike cloth seating on public transportation and although the buses have cloth seats, the train system here makes my skin crawl slightly.

Want more info on LA public transportation? Check out my latest blog on BeenieTV!

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