My Spiritual Buys


Last week I visited the amazing House of intuition here in Silverlake. I was amazed and super happy about the products and services they provided.

I purchased an intention candle for BALANCE. I wan more balance in all areas of my life from health to love. The intention candles are meant to be burned for a week straight to put it out in the Universe that this is what you want. if you blow the candle out then you are saying to the Universe you do not really want the intentions to appear in your life. It smells super good and they are made with love for about $14.

I scored my first crystal, a rose quartz to be exact. My heart chakra is closed and I am super serious about opening my heart chakra this year. A rose quartz is perfect for opening up the heart chakra. It’s a pretty pink quartz and i just love how it looks on top of my bookshelf.

Lastly I purchased some sage for smudging to remove all evil spirits and unnecessary energies from my space. I try to smudge every two weeks or after someone has been in my apartment for too long.

Here is the link to my Spiritual Buys Video: 


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