ways to manifest

There are 5 (changeable, switchable, not concrete) ways to manifest your deepest desires. I pride myself on being an amazing manifesting machine. From jobs, internships, people, money the list goes on. I have been able to focus on positive experiences and allow them to come into my life.



1. SPEAK- Words hold the power to everything. Whether a slight comment or constant repetition, what you continue to speak over yourself, other people or circumstances it is all energy you are bringing into your life. Speak positivity, affirmations over your life and situations. Speak what you would like to happen.

2. THOUGHTS- Keep your thoughts pure. Your mind is a temple of God. Consistently thinking what you would like the outcome to be without anxiety is a helpful tool. This takes practice but it can be done over time. We must train our minds not allow our minds to take over us

3. FEEL- I just discovered this one component. You must feel yourself into a higher vibration. Feel good. Feel good now. You can’t receive anything if you are out of whack. Allow yourself to breathe and come back to alignment whenever your emotions take over.

4. ACTIONS – Act as if you have already received what your deepest desire is. It may be ridiculous but on the spiritual level it has already been done. Act as if you already have a lover, the job, a peaceful mind. What would you physically do if you already had it?

5. VISUALIZE – Sit on your bed and create a moving image in your mind of what it would look like, what you would be doing, what you would be wearing, eating. Create a powerful moving image in your mind of what you wish the outcome to be.

Enjoy. Go Manifest!

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