Life Happens When You’re Not At Work…

When I saw my schedule from my “Bill Payer” aka my “job” I thanked God. I didn’t have to go into work until Friday. So from Monday to Thursday I was free and full of energy to do whatever I wanted to do! This week has been a creative, blessed, active, fun and just all around a quintessential LA week. What i love most about LA is that you can work and get your brand out there but still enjoy your life. Unlike NYC you do not have to worry about what the next person is doing. You focus on you while enjoying the beautiful weather. I am so grateful to be here and I may just have to cut my hours at work even more lol.

On Monday I got right to work on my Youtube channel BeenieTV as well as this blog. These are my passion projects and if nobody ever reads or watches I will be okay with that because I just really enjoy putting myself out there. But anyway, I shot a few videos here_________. After my creative work I head out to Pasedena to get my California license. I failed the first time lol but they let me retake it after 10 minutes and I passed YAYAYAYA. I was so relieved seriously because in high school it took me 8 tries to pass the written (don’t judge me). So now it’s official I am a legit CALIFORNIAN! I should be getting my license in a week or so.

Tuesday my neighbor and awesome friend Jaz and I went to Long Beach for a yoga class taught by her good friend James. Now James is a rarity. He has a Bachelors in Psychology, a Masters in Fem Psychology, quit his job to travel the entire East Coast and now is now teaching Yoga which is his true passion. For him to be an African-American male teaching Yoga my mind was blown so you will def be seeing him on my new LA Livin’ Series.

Speaking of my new LA Livin’ Series, there are so many creative people I have met in such a short amount of time that it has pushed me to start interviewing people again. So we met up with the homie Durrell Brown to sit and chat about his transition in LA, his Christian faith, fashion and his monthly brunch The Weekly. Stay tuned for that video. Before the interview though Jaz and I ran from our apartment in MacCarthur Park to Los Angeles Street in Downtown LA. I’ve become really serious about implementing a serious fitness regimen into my life. My body and mind work so much better when I am eating right and working out. Wednesdays are Midweek service at One Church so that is where I headed Wednesday night, but this Midweek was special because Pastor Toure introduced his future wife Sarah Jakes (T.D. Jakes daughter) to the church. They spoke on soul mates, God movement in your marriage and God blessing you with the person you were designed to be with. This confirmed what I already believed but now I have 1 more couple to look up to when I receive my husband.



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