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As part of my LA Livin’ Series I thought it would be great to shed light on two women who moved from Texas to NYC and have officially landed in LA. Also, in honor of Woman’s History Month I wanted to profile two young women who are on the Pursuit of Epicness…

DSC_0685 DSC_0683

Meet Elle Hamilton and Jamee Jones from  An online space to profile creatives like themselves who are doing epic sh*t! March is all about female empowerment and I hope that some of the wisdom these ladies share gives you the push to pursue your epicness!DSC_0638 DSC_0637DSC_0656

What is really great about these two women is how they open up the conversation about the ups and downs of being a creative. They speak truth about the mental and financial weight of being a creative. Their site is full of insightful information for other creatives to understand what it truly means to pursue epicness and the sacrifices that come with it.


I was so happy to interview Elle and Jamee and I know you can learn a thing or two about them and how they’re LA LIVIN!

Watch the interview here and SUBSCRIBE:

Check out their site:

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Instagram: @pursuitofepicness



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