Today in My Spiritual Journey

Last night I remembered myself. I remembered why I am so drawn to spiritual and self-help books, blogs, quotes, etc. I remembered that I am a lightworker and that I am meant to bring light to this world. I am meant to uplift and balance the consciousness of this world. How could I forget? Why was I was working with something within me that did not serve me? But it doesn’t matter, I am done beating myself up. I remembered and I am here and aware right now as I write this and that is THEE only thing that matters.

I remember. Now what? Well I would like to take my knowledge and wisdom tot he next level on my Youtube channel ( I enjoy doing videos and the content i create but people are drawn more to the spiritual, self-help, vulnerable side. I have healed through so many things in my life and I feel as if it may be time to be way more open than I have been. Also I am thinking of doing a Google+ Hangouts where I do some affirmation and intention work with some of my subscribers. I am a teacher and I am ready to teach as well as lead people to their highest selves. I am also thinking of a program that was placed on my heart back in January. I can’t tell the details but I believe that this program is mine and is meant to be part of the mark I leave on the world. I see seminars, public speaking engagements, retreats, etc. I actually can’t wait to share this program with people because I know it can heal and help.

Spiritual practices are so important. I feel so spiritually thirsty without them. For about 6 weeks I hardly meditated, prayed or did my affirmations because of traveling from Lake Arrowhead to Coachella then my 26th birthday with work, takeout food and hardly any sleep in between. I am finally settled back home in LA and I am renewing myself and getting back on track. We all need a little fun in our lives but I believe going forward when I am traveling or on “vacation” I am going to force myself to bring my spiritual practices and positive eating along rather than “take a break” from them.

A lot has opened up for me and I see a lot of change and opportunities for the near future. Even as i write this I believe in what I am saying. I actually believe in myself and the world work I must do and I feel pretty fucking awesome about that.



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