Moving To LA? How To Make Friends

how to make friends

Making friends is no easy feet. Making friends in a completely new city where you do not know a single soul is fucking terrifying. But with all things prayer and manifesting do the job. When I got to LA I made it super important that I wanted good-hearted friends. Little did I know one of my closest buddies here in LA lived down the hall from me in the same apartment. But I think it is vital to have friends to do all the different things you like to do. I am still searching for friends that like the same stuff I like (Kanye West, streetwear, fun foods) but one thing I have begun to do is go to events where there are people who share these similar interests by myself. Yes going anywhere or doing anything by your lonesome can seem very daunting but it is necessary! You can’t miss out on fun just because you have no one to go somewhere with. Which was the story with me, there was an art gallery event with the singer Kilo Kish and i said to myself I can’t miss this! So I swallowed my fears, put on my fav dress and sneakers and breathed deeply as i left the house. When I got to the event (and had two drinks) I was super comfortable being by myself. I met some dope ass people and got tons of compliments on my outfit! I have learned that when you are by yourself in a social setting people are more likely to approach you, especially when you are NOT ON YOUR PHONE! So my tip for making friends in LA is not to force it and to go places by yourself. Even if you go somewhere and nobody speaks to you at least you can be proud of yourself for leaving your comfort zone.

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