Beenie’s Life Update

Wuddup Guys!

life update

This past week has been a beautiful breakthrough. What got me here was tears and hearing the truth. To get to the point I have been stopping myself from being great and my mom had a real ass talk with me and told me that I was my own worst enemy and that I was stopping myself from reaching my fullest potential. I cried and talked to my bestie and her sister and they gave me some great ideas for taking BeenieTV to the next level. So I will be revamping this site before the year is over, selling Affirmation Cards, my paintings and starting some speaking/panel engagements anode course more Youtube Videos(SUBSCRIBE if you haven’t already to stay up to date when I post)! Like this one here—> 

Also this week as you know from my previous post(click here if you haven’t read it), I took a Kundalini Yoga class which totally helped in my breakthrough. If you are in an area that teaches Kundalini Yoga please take a class. It’s very different from the traditional yoga we all know and love so do your best to go in with an open heart and open mind.

It’s Mercury Retrograde Ya’ll!!! This Mercury Retrograde will last until June 11th an it deals with the fifth chakra, The Throat Chakra. The chakra we use to communicate with ourselves as well as each other. Mercury Retrogrades are not here to reck our lives (although it can feel otherwise lol) but instead they are here to teach us to slow down and work on areas that need a little tweaking. So because this retrograde deals with speaking be conscious of how you speak to yourself, your loved ones, co-workers , everybody! Lol of course being an Aries (woop! woop!)I have had to work on thinking before I speak so this retrograde will be an interesting one. Maybe I should just stay in the house until it’s over!!!!

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